Hotel Key Cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards

The hospitality business is very competitive and everyone is looking for a way to set themselves apart. Quality hotel key cards can make a first and lasting impression with guests. Your hotel guests carry their plastic key cards on them most of the time so make sure they have a quality product that represents your hotel.

Case Study:
One of Signature Card’s major convention hotels has found that there is a huge opportunity in co-branding hotel keycards based upon large conventions being hosted at their hotel. There are many times that a specific convention requires very small quantities of cards in the hundreds or low thousands and there is often not a lot of advanced notice given to the hotel. Signature Card’s expertise in short runs and fast turn times have allowed the hotel key card to become a profit center instead of an expense to the hotel.

The Custom Hotel Key Card of RFID Cards Difference

Our custom printed hotel key cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. These magnetic striped or RFID cards give you the ability to offer guests the appropriate level of access to your facilities all in one easy-to-use plastic key card that presents a customized marketing message. Plastic key cards are a great way to promote upcoming events and conventions, in-house dining or even create additional revenue by advertising local merchants.

Our customized plastic key cards are available with either a low, medium or high coercivity magnetic stripe. Our key cards are available in PVC, recycled PVC or biodegradable plastic stock making them environmentally friendly. We also offer RFID cards for new NearField locks.

Hotel Key Cards

Swipe Cards for Conventions & Business Meetings

Our custom plastic key cards are also great for conventions and business meetings. They allow you to control attendee access according to registration. Quality plastic swipe cards with printed logos or customized messaging give you an added opportunity to convey your message.

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